Metal Building Kits are Very Versatile

If you need an outbuilding of any type, metal building kits may be the best option for you. The most obvious benefit of a building in kit form is that it is more cost effective than paying for a contractor to come in and build the building you want. Most metal buildings can be put together by a few people with a bit of DIY talent. But just because you are purchasing a building kit, that is no reasons to sacrifice customizability. Let's take a look at some of the features that you control when you order a metal building kit.

Siding - you can choose either vertical or horizontal siding. Siding type is primarily personal preference, but vertical siding usually is a bit more expensive. If anyone knows why, I would be curious to know.

Garage door - you can usually choose the size of the garage door, how many you would like, and where they are placed. You can also decide if you want manual or electric doors.

Pedestrian doors - you have the same options here as with garage doors. You may want one or two, or perhaps none. You also get to say where you want any pedestrian doors placed on the building.

Windows - these are often a set size, but you can say how many you want and where you want them placed. Many manufacturer's may allow you to choose larger or smaller windows, and they can prep the building kit for that size, but you may have to purchase the windows separately if they do not provide the specific size that you want.

Insulation - bare bones metal building kits usually do not include insulation, but it can be added as an extra. A variety of thickness of insulation is usually available. If you want to dry wall the inside, let the company know. They may not provide dry wall, but they can make sure that you have the correct hat channels for ease of installation.

Color - a variety of colors are usually available for metal building kits. Colors often include red, blue, green, light or dark gray, off white, brown and tan. You can choose different colors for the siding and the roof. This allows for a really nice building that matches your home or other buildings on your property.

These are all things that you can customize, but there are other things that you have no choice at all. The two primary things that you have no control over are the gauge of the metal and the type of truss system that is used to support the roof. These are often determined by local building codes which are based off of snow load and wind. Though it is smart to be aware of your local building codes, some manufacturer's, such as VersaTube, can tell you what you need based upon your state and county.

With the money you can save, and wide ability to customize metal building kits, they are a great way to go if you need a new shop or out building.


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